A Different Scene of Outdoor Application of WPC Materials

- Aug 27, 2018 -

 The outdoor application of WPC material has been mature, and the range and variety of applications also have been expanding. Recently, the continuous upgrading of WPC materials has brought about the expansion of application fields, and the WPC products bring a different scene for the outdoor landscspe design. 

Upgrade decking: Due to its advantages of water resistance, corrision resistance, zero wood splinter, no painting and long life service, WPC decking has been the most widely used in outdoor place, for example, terrance, balcony, trestle pavement, swimming pool, outdoor step. In recent, WPC materials also are applied in basic floor such as toilet and kitchen.

Unique landscape trestle: WPC materials' application in landscape trestle will make people feel closer to nature, and coupled with the characteritics of green environmental protection, WPC trestle decking not only beautifies the urban environment, but also protects human living environment.

Sea-view swimming pool: WPC material has advantages of water resistance, moisture resistance, worm resistance, anti-mildew, anti-corrosio, anti-acid and and anti-alkali, so when it is applied in sea-view swimming pool, it will not absorb water and crack. With the high comfort, it is excellent in practice and decoration.

The diversity of guardrail: Because of rich processing technology and various forms, WPC material  can satisfy people's requirement of large format and complex shape. Handrail not only has funtion of safety protection and space confinement, but also has enriched space design. After irregular arrangement, it can bring people a sense of visual mobility and increase the sense of penetration space, which not  only make people feel comfortable and natural, but also have a morden sense. Green plants and WPC handrails form a romantic scenic spot along the street, and after rain, the  air is particularly fresh and comfortable.

Auxiliary facilities: Because of similar wood texture and color, WPC pavillions, WPC tables and chairs, WPC flower boxes and shelves, WPC corridor, WPC tree seats and other landscape products make people more comfortable and are harmonious and natural with the environment. In addition, they are easy to install and in teh later period they almost  do not need maintenance so it is worth popularizing in garden landscape. The auxiliary facilities in teh landscape include garbage bins, tree name plank and so on. Specifications can be customized according to the needs. The application of WPC materials in outdoor reduces the demand of the wood, and the advantages of shape processing technology provide more creative space for landscape designers. From the aspects of environmental protection, service life and recycle, WPC materials have a broad application prospect instead of wood materials.

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