Choose and buy wood plastic floor far away from these mistakes people do not know

- Mar 04, 2018 -

Conceptual parsing:

     Wood plastic floor is a high-tech green environmental protection material made mainly of wood based materials, thermoplastic polymers and processing aids, and then molded by extrusion and extrusion molding.

Advantage analysis:

      Wood plastic floor has both wood and plastic properties and characteristics. It is a new environmental protection high-tech material that can replace wood and plastic, and it can be used like ordinary wood. At the same time, the wood plastic floor has wood sense of wood and water resistance and corrosion resistance of plastics, making it an outdoor waterproof and anticorrosive building with excellent performance and very durable. For private owners, wood plastic floors can be used for garden ground paving, balcony paving, and also for indoor floor paving.

Misunderstandings of buying and buying:

      People in the industry point out that there may be misunderstandings in the selection and purchase of wood plastic floor, so that consumers can choose and purchase clearly and clearly.

      Misunderstandings 1: wood plastic floor is not environmental protection

If you buy the building materials, you will first want to ask whether this thing is environmentally friendly. Many consumers think of new wood plastic composite material made of wood methanol containing large amounts of toxic substances, is actually like this, there are strict rules for the release of the national wood flooring methanol, as long as the control in a reasonable range are used can be assured.

      Misunderstanding two: the plain board is the wood plastic floor

The plain board is a plain board, but do not think it is the real wood plastic floor. Bought a plain board, and then buy paint self-made and polished, which seems to save a lot of expenses, but the pollution problem caused by paint and so on is far from the money saved. The real wood and plastic flooring is completed by mechanized and initiative production line, which avoids polluting substances and makes products more environmentally friendly.

     Misunderstanding three: wood plastic floor not package paving

Who can install the wood plastic floor after buying it? In fact, good quality, word of mouth and other good wood and plastic flooring manufacturers usually have professional installation personnel to help guide the installation, sales, paving and after-sales service. When it comes to selling the product or selling it or installing it is not the same one, then we must be cautious. In case of quality problems, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of kicking ball.

     Misunderstanding four: laying large core board when laying

Light wood floor shop is not enough, in order to have a better feeling, a lot of people in the keel capped with a layer of big core board. It is ignored that the quality of the large core board is generally very poor, and the low quality large core board has a great influence on the effect of the paving effect of the wood plastic floor. Therefore, if we insist on adding a large core board, we must choose the quality.

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