Development trend and technical advantage of plastic wood industry abroad

- Apr 28, 2018 -

Although the technology of wood plastic composite has been put forward earlier, it has only been more than ten years since it began to study and apply. Relatively speaking, some European and American countries use relatively more plastic wood, and dozens of enterprises and research institutes are engaged in production and R & D.

At present, the use of wood plastic composites in North America has already been used in a considerable scale, and its application field is also developed from relatively simple and low value-added products to relatively complex and high value-added products such as house plastic house, building, pipe material and so on. The wood plastic composite technology is also maturing because of the development of the market, especially in mixing and forming. The model, temperature control, wood speed, cutting, and formula have been greatly improved and improved. It makes it more suitable for the source of raw materials, improves the strength effectively and reduces the cost. Take a Canadian and American joint venture in Toronto, for example, by the end of 1999, there are 43 wood plastic production lines, and are planning to put in another 66 production lines for new products with high added value, with a total investment of about $35 million 640 thousand. The annual output value is close to $500 million.

Experts believe that with the continuous development of wood plastic materials technology, its development trend may be broken through in the following aspects:

(1) the selection of raw materials is developed in a wide range. Plastic wood will be recycled single component waste LEL plastic (PE, PP, PVC, ABS, etc.) after cleaning. Adding a specific modifier can make wood plastic products processing:

(2) the development of special equipment. The processing way is developed from a single screw extruder to other traditional plastic processing. It is developed from water cooling to air cooling, which is developed from a single extrusion to co extrusion and a coextrusion of plastic wood.

(3) innovation of processing technology. The foaming technology is introduced, from high foam to low foam and micro foaming.

(4) products from low value-added (such as wood plastic pallets, storage floor) to high-end direction, such as interior decoration materials, to further enhance efficiency.

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