Features of wood and plastic construction

- May 26, 2017 -

Wood-plastic materials in the market more and more popular, then what is the advantage of its own let consumers buy it?

1, environmentally friendly: the use of recycled materials (wood and plastic and coconut shell), the production process does not produce pollution, recyclable recycling, is a new type of environmentally friendly building materials;

2, do not need routine maintenance, life than wood long non-hygroscopic, tide, do not rot, pest control ant, no rupture, cracking, no deformation, cold and hot environment is not sensitive;

3, the same as the solid wood-like high-processing, wood-plastic materials can be used for traditional processing, can be cut, saw, planing and other processing into the desired shape;

4, resembles the shape of solid wood, nice, natural clear wood texture, texture, moderate;

5, colorful. Wood-plastic materials change the traditional solid wood a single color, according to customer demand for color.

6, strong weather resistance, durable. Wooden plastic materials can be used in the outdoor easy to cope with unpredictable weather conditions, the use of decades can still maintain its performance is not affected.

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