How to distinguish the quality of the wood plastic board

- Jun 25, 2018 -

1. appearance color

Product color is the basic means of discrimination, to know that this product is after all wooden products, so it is sure that the appearance of the texture is still like wood, with better texture. However, the effects of different types of products are different.

2. weight

The weight of different products is different, for example, the density is different, and the quality is different. At this time, someone will say that the quality is good, but in fact, it is not the case.

3. cross section

Cross section can also see the feeling of this wood is good, if you choose this wood to feel bad, then it is possible that the ratio is not in place, but the roughness is due to the quality of the machine blade, the sharp blade cut out of the product is smooth, not sharp blade cut out of the product Dying.

4. product inspection report

It can be said that this can not be lacking, although the product detection report may also have some cat and dog, but the wood plastic board that has not been tested will be more unable to buy.

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