How to install wooden plastic floor

- May 26, 2017 -

Wood flooring is more popular in recent years, a home improvement floor. At the time of installation in order to ensure its beauty and smooth, there are many problems need attention. In the installation of wood flooring, there are roughly five steps, the first step is to clean the ground, the second step is involved in planning the specific installation location of the floor, the third step is the specific installation process, the fourth Step is to shop the last floor, the last step is to do the floor cleaning work.

In the installation of wood flooring, the first step is to calculate the specific installation area, so as to reasonable procurement of wood flooring materials. After the area is calculated, the material is bought back, and then the need to install the ground line, note that the line is a very fine job, the line will not affect the future installation effect. After the line also set the keel position, keel position error should be guaranteed in a millimeter or so, after the release of the dragon and the completion of the keel into the next process.

And then start the specific installation, the first floor should be fixed with self-tapping screws, and then use the level of measurement of the placement is flat, the first floor after the completion of the installation of a follow-up after the subsequent wood-plastic floor, each floor should be between Leaving about a millimeter of expansion joints. Until the installation to the last place, with a self-tapping screw to the last piece of the floor fixed. After the floor is installed, the surface of the sludge and debris through the clean up.

After the installation of the entire floor of the wood flooring, leaving the expansion joints also need to do tackle treatment. You can choose a professional hook seam paste, but also their own blending slurry hook. After cleaning the surface of the debris again clean up the debris on the surface, after cleaning to check whether the groping is flat, you do not flat place again, and then wipe more than the slurry.

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