Installation method of wood plastic composite panels

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Installation method of wood plastic composite panels

1, the preparation of the wood plastic composite panels before the construction, before the construction to ensure that the construction site of the concrete ground floor surface, if there is a problem should be first repaired and then laid.

2, wood keel fixed, using the expansion pipe directly to the wood keel is fixed on the ground above the plastic expansion pipe fixed point spacing in 500mm~600mm, screw cap requirements below the wood keel surface, wood keel fixed to do the whole flat.

3, the center distance of keel is controlled between 310-410mm. The butt joint at the end of the keel needs 10mm spacing to facilitate drainage. At the same time, we must stagger the end joint between the keel row and the row, and do not want to be in a straight line. The spacing of the keel is allowed to be <10mm, the smoothness is <3mm, and the expansion joint between the wall and the wall is 8-10mm.

4, the construction site has poor construction conditions at the grass-roots level, so it is impossible for the structure to be stable. When the construction is stable, the steel keel should be replaced instead of the wood plastic keel. The galvanized steel used just now is used. The location of the welding connection should be removed from the welding slag and the rear seat rust treatment.

5, the size of the floor splicing gap should be reasonably determined according to the temperature and humidity of the environment, the floor length, the floor water content and the specific conditions of the laying area.

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