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- Jun 28, 2018 -

Co-extruded Products: One is surface treatment after on line embossing, while the weather resistance is improved, the unique style of the good natural feeling and natural texture is thought highly in the field of WPC material. Another is contrary, it’s surface is not treated any more. With the easy producing process, high surface hardness, strong resistant wear, strong bond, it is also widely accepted. Besides, after surface treatment, co-extruded WPC decking has a good market because of wood texture and unique style.

Mixed color WPC decking: there is widely accepted products that on the basis of the first generation of WPC decking, the color master-batch is added to form the natural texture. According to the improved and mature technology, the surface of products is more natural and the market is wider.

On-line embossing, mixed color on-line embossing products: This kind of products through on-line embossing, deep pattern, simple and practical technology, clear texture, good wear resistance, natural surface effect, good market prospects, represents one of the new product development direction of wood plastic composite. 

Simply, there are new product development, mainly on the platform of one or two generation co-extrusion products, through different surface treatment methods, to develop different styles of surface effects, to meet the requirements of different regions, different cultures and aesthetic requirements of customers.

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