Properties of wood plastic floor material

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Properties of wood plastic floor material

1., the product has the same processing performance as log. It can be nail, drill, cut and stick. It is fixed by nails or bolts. The surface is smooth and fine, and needs no sand and paint. The paint has good adhesion and can also be painted on the basis of personal preference.

2. products have carbylamine physical properties better than wood, wood than good dimensional stability, noise will produce cracks, warping, non wood knots, twill, various products, coated or composite colorant surface can be made of brilliant color, so no regular maintenance.

3., it can meet the needs of various specifications, sizes, shapes and thicknesses. It also includes products that offer various designs, colors and wood patterns, giving customers more choices.

4., the product has many advantages, such as fire protection, waterproofing, corrosion, moisture resistance, no worms, no fungus, acid and alkali, no poison and no pollution, and low maintenance cost.

5. products have similar wood appearance, higher hardness than plastic, long life, thermoplastic molding, high strength, energy saving.

6. products are strong, light, thermal insulation, smooth and smooth surface, free of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, no poison, no pollution.

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