The Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages between WPC and Other Products

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Latex Paint

Advantages: low price, convenient construction

Disadvantages: yellowing, racking, toxic, monotonous, dirty easily

Diatom Ooze

Advantages: molded, eco-friendly, deodorant

Disadvantages: bad surface smooth, difficult construction, monotonous, difficult cleaning

Solid Wood

Advantages: convenient construction, eco-friendly,molded

Disadvantages: high price,drab, verminous


Advantages: low price, more color and design

Disadvantage: difficult cleaning, patchy environment, damping, moldy, short life time

Aluminum Alloy Integrated Wall

Advantages: easy installation, molded, easy cleaning, colorful, moisture proof, sound proof, fire proof

Disadvantages: impact easily, signal barrier, conductive, easily oxidized and discolored

WPC Wall Panel 

Advantages: fire proof, flame retardant, sound insulation, zero formaldehyde, easy installation, impact             resistance, easily cleaning, molded

Disadvantages: only be shaped by lines 


WPC material is born according to the situation. During the transformation of old house, traditional material need to be shoved, cleaned, carpentered, painted. And it takes at least 3 months to be vacant to live in. But as for WPC material, it can be shaped by customer's design drawing, constructed immediately. And the construction do not affect family life.

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