The safety of the plastic fence

- May 17, 2018 -

The city is developing rapidly. Now people are getting closer to the peaceful field of life. Some flowers and flowers are planted to add fragrance and freshness to their own houses. Now more and more villas, more and more courtyards, and what are the fences to be used for? Antiseptic wood? Is it good to use real wood in the end? If you use wood preservative, you will be afraid of fading. You will also need to paint and pollute the environment. If you use solid wood, you are afraid of water swelling and cracking, and are afraid of termite bores, which are not environmentally friendly. What materials are you using?

Today, Linyuanwai wood plastic fence, Linyuanwai wood plastic fence, guardrail embodies the natural wood texture and good mechanical physical strength, its excellent anti aging, anti UV performance, and the rational internal mechanical structure of the inner cavity to improve the heat resistance of dark products to build the ability to build a beautiful garden construction. The building provides high quality materials. This series of products can be applied to municipal, villas, landscapes and scenic spots.

Linyuanwai's guardrails and other landscape products can be reinforced by planting steel bars and pouring concrete. This is a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of synthetic wood. The use of this method is not only beautiful and firm, but also the design of Linyuanwai profiles and construction schemes can also greatly reduce the cost of construction. It is an excellent choice for the application of landscape wood.


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