The three major performance advantages of wood - plastic materials

- May 26, 2017 -

Wood-plastic new materials are currently used in the market more and more, then what is its fine wood plastic has the characteristics of good to make wood so become so popular? Wood plastic first brand manufacturers mangrove Xiaobian here on the quality of wood-plastic composite materials on the characteristics of the hope that friends friends help.

1, wood-plastic composite carbon dioxide emission reduction benefits analysis. At present, the annual output of domestic wood-plastic materials is about 500,000 tons, through the production of wood-plastic composite materials for the country to achieve about 8 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. To the current domestic market carbon dioxide emissions trading price of about 10 euros / ton, the annual wood-plastic materials only through carbon dioxide emissions can create an economic value of nearly 800 million yuan.

2, wood-plastic composite material pollution reduction. At present, most of the wood in the use of anti-corrosion and moth, usually need to carry out anti-corrosion treatment, the current domestic use of ICQ technology (ie, low toxicity of anti-corrosion) of the enterprises are numbered, most of the use of CCA technology (ie, harmful to corrosion), resulting in the use of After the preservation of wood due to the loss of heavy metals in the preservatives contaminated soil and water, and wood-plastic composite material is no such pollution.

3, wood-plastic composite carbon content. Wood-plastic materials can be used in a large number of natural wood products for the field, its own carbon fixation is also quite significant. In practical applications, the use of static calculation of 1 ton of wood-plastic materials can be used at least 3.5 m3 of natural wood, equivalent to absorption (emission reduction) of about 16 tons of carbon dioxide, the release of about 6 tons of oxygen.

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