The use of wood-plastic materials in gardens

- May 26, 2017 -

Over the years, with the continuous development of China, began to advocate the protection of the environment, promote the landscaping occupational well-being, high-speed development, and adhere to the intensive, energy saving, ecological sustainable road. As a kind of energy saving, environmental protection, circulation, low carbon new material, wood and plastic as a new material, with wood texture, waterproof moisture, pest control, easy to deformation, long life, rich colors and other advantages, gradually active in the market.

The use of wood-plastic materials is very wide.

1. Wood-plastic railings: Because of the wood-plastic waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion mold, pest control, easy to deformation, easy to protect, etc., it can be used for the scene revetment. Wood-plastic composite materials do not need daily protection, the use of life than the usual timber, and its simulation of the visual effects of logs, to meet everyone's pursuit of the natural.

2. Landscape scene: wood flooring in this area not only shows the affinity of natural wood, and its rich colors and garden landscape plants can be deployed in harmony, very good to meet the landscape planners on the pursuit of innovation and beauty.

3. hydrophilic channels: wood-plastic composite materials in parks, lakes, wetlands and other water-based attractions, contact the scene of the pontoon, water trails, viewing corridors and other planning, more ecologically show the natural characteristics of hydrophilic channels.

4. Park leisure benches: Wood Plastic Casual bench with its common visual effects and Variety of the appearance of planning, and gradually become a beautiful landscape in the city landscape. It in addition to bring convenience to everyone, but also to meet the low-carbon environmental protection of the new urbanization needs.

5. Flower racks, tree pools: wooden plastic flower racks, tree ponds in the construction of modern landscape, can be very good show the role of the original ecological natural scene, wood and its rich colors can be decorated with landscape, so that we can feel relaxed and happy.

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