Wooden plastic will become the future trend

- May 26, 2017 -

Wood-plastic materials, Europe and the United States, Japan and other regions from the last century 70s have begun to use plastic made of sheet metal, but most of them are not recycled plastic, because there are technical problems. In Japan, almost all of the hotel bathroom baths, toilets and so are made of plastic sheet, because they are very light texture, so many earthquakes in Japan, even if people do not have much damage.

 The loss of wood-plastic profiles at the end: plastic is a profile, according to customer needs, to produce in line with the needs of customers the length of the material. Plastic wood is the same circumstances, you can win more than: playing an analogy, the general pavement outdoor flooring, the choice of wood case, the need for about 45MM thickness of the wood. And plastic wood, just need 25MM thickness of the material, its strength more than 45MM of wood preservative. In other words, is the use of wood if it is 1 cubic meter, then the plastic wood only need about 0.5 cubic meters.

 As for the hardness and strength, this wood-plastic plate impact strength than the average plate higher. And material insulation flame retardant, fire, corrosion resistance, easy to wear. In fear of fear of fear of the sun, the current villa wall of a certain district are using this material, after the summer heat test has not been a problem. This plastic board is mainly used for plastic flooring, playground, garden, balcony, bathroom sauna, kitchen, villa, living room and other places.

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