WPC (plastic wood composites) process characteristics and international standards

- Apr 28, 2018 -

First, the concept

Wpc (wood-plastic-composites WPC) is a new type of modified environmental protection material, which is made of wood powder, rice husk, straw and other natural plant fibers to increase polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ABS and other reinforced plastics after special processing and processing.

Two. Process characteristics

1 wood plastic products are made of wood flour +PVC plastic powder and other auxiliaries mixed by high temperature, extrusion, molding and other processes to make certain shapes.

2 it has the appearance of solid wood and the strength and wayward of solid wood, and has excellent anti-corrosion, waterproof, insect proof, flame retardant, non deformable, non dehiscence, nail, saw, planing, paint, and drillability.

3 the unique formula technology, and through the interface strengthening processing and special mixing molding technology, make wood and plastic truly become an integral whole.

4 it can recycle and regenerate, have biodegradation characteristics, protect forest resources and ecological environment, and truly achieve "green environmental protection", and meet the social requirements of "resource-saving and environment-friendly".

Wood plastic materials and their products have the advantages of both wood and plastic, durable, long service life, the appearance of wood, the hardness of the plastic products, rigidity, resistance to acid and alkali, good resistance, zero formaldehyde, no pollution, normal use in outdoor for more than 20 years.

Excellent physical properties: good dimensional stability than wood, no cracks, warpage, no wood knots.

It has the workability of thermal plastics, which is convenient for popularization and application.

It has the same two processing properties as wood: sawing, planing, nail or screw fixation.

It will not produce moth eaten termites, antibacterial, UV resistant, aging resistant, corrosion resistant, non absorbent deformation, moisture resistance, temperature tolerance, surface paint, easy to maintain.

No harmful ingredients, reusable and 100% recycled, environmentally friendly.

1: good processing characteristics

It can be sawed, planed, car, chipping, nail, drill, and grinding, and the force of holding nails is obviously superior to other synthetic materials. It can also be processed two times, such as sticky and paint, so as to produce a variety of specifications, sizes, shapes and thickness, and provide a variety of design, color and wood grain products.

2: high internal combination intensity

Because the composites contain polyester and thus have good elasticity, in addition, it contains wood fiber and solidified by resin, so it has physical and mechanical properties such as compression and impact resistance of hardwood, and is obviously superior to ordinary wood material. It has long service life, economical and practical and low price.

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