Classification Of Wood Plastic Flooring

- Feb 20, 2018 -

I, according to the different processing shape, can be divided into flat floor (plain wood flooring) and parquet flooring (tenoned wood floor). Second, according to the different processing methods can be divided into vertical wood parquet flooring and wood board. (2) the identification of solid wood plastic I and texture:

It is the standard to judge the floor and the quality of the floor. II. Color:

High quality solid wood plastic floor should have natural colors, clear wood and plastic lines, and the material is visible to the naked eye. If the floor surface is heavy in color, and the coating is thicker, it may be intended to cover the surface defects of the floor, especially when the floor is sealed for six surfaces. III, fissures:

It's hard to avoid a crack in the middle and low of the floor, but it's too big.

Some of the cracks are produced between the texture of the wood plastic. This crack will not extend, and can be used safely. But some of the cracks are through the texture, and can not be purchased, because these cracks will extend, and have a great negative impact on the future. IV, knot:

The knots can be divided into live Festival and death. As a natural product is not possible without knots, reasonable distribution of living quarter, but will make the wood products more beautiful.

Excellent products are not allowed to have the defects of knots exist, the provisions of the state: where less than 3mm and less than 2mm in diameter of the live knot and no shedding, very dense dead knots are not as defects of knot.

In addition, some of the floor is made of tree core materials and near bark material, beware of the price of the merchant.

Some floor is made of wood plastic material is a moth eaten, so have a lot of wormholes, wood plastic floor that is not very good, be careful when buying. The choice of solid wood plastic floor

I, the selection should be considered when the ground condition of the bedroom, such as cottage or building society, due to direct contact with the ground, humidity is big, should use wood of Pinus koraiensis, white pine, Catalpa wood floor, because of these three kinds of material is not easy to be deformed after love.

II. Because of the different geographical location of the cities all over the country, the local balanced water content is different and should be sold to professional sales in the choice.

The staff consulted in order to buy the floor with the balance of water cut and balance water content (the water content in Beijing area is around 11%).

2. Solid wood plastic composite floor

The base material of the solid wood plastic composite floor is solid wood plastic, so in addition to the amount of formaldehyde release, the other types are the same as the choice of solid wood plastic floor.

Formaldehyde emission

China's national standard, not more than 1.5mg / L are in line with national standards, the operator may obtain test data, you can also open a bag packing box, remove the floor, the floor near the nose, smell the smell, if smell a pungent smell of formaldehyde, the concentration of formaldehyde in air has exceeded the standard. 3. Strengthen the wood plastic floor

The reinforced composite wood plastic floor is based on high and medium density fiberboard, and the surface is made of wear-resistant layer and decorative paper. As a new type of energy saving ground material, it has unique advantages.

First, strengthen the main raw material composite wood from the artificial forest, forest trails, quick Branch materials and protection of forest resources from the perspective of pavement, it accords with the human hot pressing strengthening treatment,

Secondly, to overcome the weakness of the dry shrinkage and wet expansion of wood plastic floor, size stability is stronger than the latter; third, strengthen composite wood pattern, color, variety, good simulation, format Lei; fourth, strengthen composite wood flooring reasonable structural design, convenient installation;

Fifth, strengthen composite wood flooring without waxing, polishing and other surface treatment, easy maintenance, easy cleaning; the six, its surface roughness and wear resistance is much higher than that of wood plastic flooring. It is necessary to pay attention to the following points when choosing the wood plastic floor: 1. Formaldehyde emission

China's national standard stipulates that not more than 1.5mg/L is in conformity with the national standard

Domestic composite floor wear-resisting number should be more than 6000 to Lou, public places should be greater than or equal to 10 thousand, otherwise, it may appear different degree of damage in use after 1-3 years. Color variety

It is the ultimate goal to choose the color of your own practice within the acceptable price, and to check the defects on the pattern when checking the goods. Two. Factors to be considered during the selection and installation of wood plastic floor

1, select the consumer satisfaction or after-sales service letter home market.

2, for the goods of the same style and the same brand, the goods of the same style and the same brand should be considered in terms of quality, price, service and so on. 3, to the business to ask for product environmental materials testing report.

4. The material, specifications, quantity, price and amount of the floor must be marked on the invoice and contract.

5, the purchase of wood plastic flooring, flooring sales contract shall complete the formal scientific name, is not known, beware of some businesses shoddy, deceive.

For example, in order to improve the floor level and price, "Zi Jing wood" fake "red wingceltis" to deceive consumers.

6. Before the floor is laid, consumers should check the quantity, quality, specification, color and material of the floor in time to agree with the requirements of the purchase.

7, in principle, let's lay the floor for anyone, and never lay it on their own, so as to avoid quality problems and shuffle responsibility in the future, so that you will suffer unnecessary losses. Three. The maintenance of wood plastic floor

1, keep the floor dry, clean, and do not allow the mop with dripping water to mop the floor, or wipe the floor with alkaline water and soapy water so as not to break the floor.

The gloss of the surface of a bad paint.

2, keep the room ventilated, strictly prohibit long time closed doors and windows, so as to avoid the floor drums to deform.

3, try to avoid sun exposure, so as to prevent the surface paint from aging and cracking in the light of ultraviolet radiation for a long time.


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