Co-extruded WPC Material-The New Generation Enhanced Composites

- Apr 02, 2018 -

  In recent years, with the development of technology, the second generation of co-extruded WPC came into being. It is produced by the most advanced extrusion molding technology in the industry. The surface of the WPC is uniformly and firmly coated with a co-extruded layer.  This new technology not only preserves the mildew-resistance, insect-resistance and other physical performance advantages of traditional WPC products, but also has stronger wear-resistance, scratch-resistance, stain-resistance and weatherability, and the product is more beautiful and durable. It is applied to high-end outdoor garden landscape engineering. It is worth noting that compared to the traditional WPC decking, the co-extruded one has a layer of  protective surface. It is precisely because of the presence of the protective layer, the lifespan of the product is greatly improved.

  In the international market, WPC deckings are classified as “low-maintenance” products, and co-extruded WPC deckings are classified as “ultra-low maintenance” this is because that the surface of co-extruded WPC decking is stronger weather-ability, higher surface hardness, less scraping, lower water absorption with the better handling, and it overcomes the shortcomings of most common WPC deckings, and it is known as the second generation of WPC in the industry. Fading, mildewing, and surface fissures are fatal flaws of WPC  products and there are many complaints and sales return happening to companies. While the use of a co-extrusion method to seal the core material can fundamentally effectively solve these problems. Many North American companies have easily increased the warranty period for WPC decking from 20 years to 25 years. All these contribute to the technology of  co-extrusion.

  The traditional WPC products are the synthesis of plastic and wood flour. And the plastic and wood flour are fused together by high temperature and other additives. The main  raw materials are PE, PVC, PP or PS. No matter which kind of plastic is as main raw material,  the wood fiber in the raw material is used to increase the fiber degree of the product to make the products rigidity and strength. The co-extruded material does not deform, does not fade, and the molecular structure of the raw material of the product is more stable. The chemical and physical changes will not happen easily under the harsh condition of environment.


1. High environmental protection: No heavy metal and benzene-free , less than 0.02% formaldehyde emission, lower than E1 emission standards, no toxic gases

2. Energy-saving: The effective use of natural resources, the protection of the ecological environment, with the function of insulation and sound insulation

3. Weather resistance: Absorption rate to moisture is almost zero, with mildew-resistance,decay-resistance, cracking-resistance and  strong acid and alkali resistance

4. Flammability: Does not have combustion characteristics, self-extinguishing from the fire, without open flame and toxic gases after combustion.

5. Insect-proof: Wood fiber is coated with polyester polymer, which does not attract aphids and termites, effectively preventing insect harassment

6. Easy maintenance: stable application performance, easy care and  maintenance, saving maintenance costs

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