How To Install Wpc Decking

- Apr 25, 2018 -

Installation method of wpc decking

1. due to the density of wood plastic material itself, the location of the self tapping screws needs to be bored by the bit, and then the self tapping screws are tightened.

2. the requirements of the fixed keel require that the work face is smooth and without potholes, and the spacing between keel L is 300mm~350mm.

3. for large area of wood plastic floor paving, it is recommended to use graphical installation method, each wood plastic floor length of not more than 2 meters.

4. side edge treatment

5. for the pavements of curved wood plastic flooring, it is necessary to cut the ends of each wood plastic floor according to the length and angle of the curve.

6. steps of wood plastic floor paving, for the step of the Yangjiao suggest using metal layering to protect the wood plastic floor.

7. during use, avoid collision or collision of heavy objects. In the process of material storage, transportation and installation, please pay attention to proper handling to avoid falling from height.

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