Disadvantages Of Wood Plastic Panels

- Aug 18, 2018 -

Speaking of wood plastic panels, there must be many people who don't know much about it. It is a kind of composite material, mainly based on wood, thermoplastic polymer materials, processing aids, etc. Mixed evenly and then heated by mold equipment extrusion molding, and made of high-tech green new decorative materials, both wood and plastic properties and characteristics, is able to replace wood and plastic, a new type of composite. Material. What is the advantage of that wood plastic board? Let's take a look.

Advantages and disadvantages of wood plastic panels

Although wood-plastic board has many excellent characteristics in outdoor use, but it also has many shortcomings, the material is brittle, toughness is not enough, impact resistance is not strong, these are determined by its internal structure and production process. Therefore, in the use of the process, to avoid the impact or collision of heavy objects; in the material storage, transportation, installation process, but also pay attention to proper treatment, to avoid it from the high drop damage.

There are still a lot of wood plastic boards, which are difficult to distinguish from the good and bad products on the market. Mainly there are many bad businessmen, using bad wood flour and plastic to produce wood plastic, can not be seen by the naked eye alone, can not be detected, this kind of wood plastic board will basically be deformed in a few years, so we must choose a good quality wood plastic board.

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