Dustbin Several Classifications

- Jan 26, 2019 -

1. Plastic trash can: simple processing, easy to clean, suitable for indoor use. Outdoors, there is a requirement for materials: they are not easy to aging.

Stainless steel trash can: It will not be corroded by rain when used outdoors, but it is possible to be stolen by thieves.

3. Ceramic trash can: Ceramics has become a synonym for high-end products. Ceramic sanitary ware is easy to clean and has high surface finish. Give people a feeling of high quality.

4. Wooden trash can: good texture and easy to coordinate with the environment.

Fifth, cement trash can: the advantage is fixed, there is no problem of being stolen.

6. Pulp trash can: This kind of trash can is used in the venues of the 2008 Olympic Games in China. It has the words "ceramics", "plastics", "non-recyclable" and printed with the words "Lucky Beijing". This renewable paper is strong and environmentally friendly. There are about 140 such trash cans in the library.

7. Metal trash can

Metal trash can, usually made of steel, has high durability and can be recycled in the future. The disadvantage of iron and steel is easy to rust. Generally, it will be degreased and rusted first, and then baked to enhance the rust resistance of steel in outdoor use.

8. Steel and Wood Waste Cans

Steel frames are decorated with wooden strips, and now plastic or environmentally friendly wood is used instead of solid wood.

9. FRP trash can

FRP trash can

FRP trash can

Fiberglass reinforced plastic trash can is generally made of high-quality fiberglass and imported resin. It has high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, no distortion under the sun, anti-ultraviolet ray, easy cleaning, easy operation, large collection capacity of peel box, long durable life, no embezzlement and recycling value of peel barrel.

10. Colorful trash cans

Multicolored garbage can is the appearance of garbage cans to achieve colorful. Unique appearance, fine workmanship, surface treatment technology is electroplating, plastic spraying. Colorful colors: bronze, red bronze, white sky star, black sky star, red bronze double color, wax drawing and so on.

Induction trash can

Induction trash can

Induction trash can

The induction trash can is controlled by a circuit chip and consists of an infrared detection device and a mechanical and electronic drive system. As long as there is an object close to the induction area, the barrel cover will automatically open. After the object or hand leaves the induction area for several seconds, the barrel cover will automatically close. It does not need external power supply. It is powered by batteries and has low power consumption. Combining infrared sensor and micro-computer, the exquisite streamlined appearance induction overturn design is flexible and convenient, and can easily throw away garbage without manual or foot tread. In addition, it is convenient, sanitary and reliable in performance, thus effectively preventing contact infections.

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