Eco Wood Plastic Composite Decking, A Better Understanding

- Mar 03, 2018 -

 Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking products are pretty common in the outdoor decking industry today. They act as a strong substitute to natural wood decking products due to its easy to maintain feature. Eco WPC decking products take into consideration a relatively higher specifications than conventional decking in terms of quality and standard as well as better environmentally friendly properties.


  Manufacturers for good quality eco WPC decking products will only choose pure recycled wood flour material with fine reconstituted fibers for the production of the decking boards. Wood flour has to be consists at least 60% of the entire decking board so that the decking can retain majority of some of natural wood properties such as high heat resistance, UV resistance and dimentional stability; thus making it more durable than the conventional decking. While the reconstituted fibers, it gives the properties of quality composite decking such as low to zero maintenance, splinter free as well as high in slip resistance. Therefore, it retain the best of both woods.


 Eco WPC decking products have to be produced in an environmentally friendly process through a certified facility that is highly supported by the local environmental groups. This is to ensure that everything is proper and well managed. Home owners can check out the credibility of the manufacturer by looking into its accreditaion that the products and manufacturers would have. 


   The application of eco WPC decking is the most important stage of all; this is where the decking will be laid permanently at the premise of the home owners or the comercial owners. Eco WPC deckings are relatively stable and more durable after installation, even when there is drastic change in the surounding temperature. For low quality WPC decking or even natural decking products, stability to changes in temperature is often not as strong as eco WPC decking material. Another plus point of eco WPC decking to wood decking is its enhanced safety standard such as being splinter free, little to zero maintenance as well as high slip resistance.

At Disposal

   Normally, many conventional wood decking may stop at this stage. However, eco WPC decking is moving an extra mile in contributing to the environment in its end life. Eco WPC decking also requires no treatment unlike wood decking, therefore it is more cost efficient and safer for diposal and recycling.

   To conclude, eco WPC decking is one of the latest addition of eco friendly decking products in the world today; home owners can get to enjoy the benfits of durable, easy to maintain and resistant decking for their balcony at the same time doing their little part to help sustainable environment.

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