How To Clean Wood Flooring

- May 26, 2017 -

With the strengthening of environmental protection and other efforts, the use of wood flooring more and more people, because it has a lot of unique advantages, the maintenance of wood is also need to pay attention to the method, if the method is correct, the use of a long time,

First, to regular maintenance of it, if the dirt and dust stored too much will be infiltrated into the inside, it is difficult to clean, whether it is in the surface or inside the card slot, a long time are difficult to remove , To regularly use the water to remove the dust, in the clean when you can try on a small piece of the above, if there is no problem in the large area of cleaning, this will not damage the floor, the price of wood flooring is not very cheap, Because we want to maintain it, not because it is not good maintenance caused by its use of time to shorten.

Second, there is if the maintenance of the wrong way, it is easy to cause it to change color, it will affect the appearance and quality. After just laying the floor, you can use soap and so on to clean it, so that a lot of dust and some dirt can be eliminated, to use a dedicated cleaning products, such as oxalic acid products, to clean it that the rust Stains, if the wood flooring above painted colored chalk, it is difficult to clear them out.

If the above stained with grease, the general elimination of grease on the cleaning agent can, you can also use some stone salt, etc., remember to use a clean product must be rinsed with water, to keep the wood plastic floor dry. Do not let it have moisture, otherwise it is easy to lead to deformation, or moldy, you can use the brush to get rid of dust. If you have mildew, you can remove the mold by removing fungi, the use of clean ball is also easy to remove.

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