How To Seletc A Good Composite Decking Products

- Mar 05, 2018 -

  Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) Decking is one of the decking options today. Other than natural wood and eco wood decking, composite decking is another popular choice. Just like laminate flooring, composite decking products can be easily mass produced and overly marketed as green buiding product. Hence, home owners may need to select good quality WPC products with these following pointers in mind.


 Safety is always your number one issue whether the composite decking is for the workplace or the home. Take into consideration the credibility of the product when it comes to safety. Look for safety logos and certifications for areas such as fire resistance, slip resistance, must be clear of harmful substances and also must be low in formaldehude emission.

  Low quality composition decking products may not have goen through a in-depth safety testing; hence home owners must choose a credible contractor to work with together with a quality product.

Experienced workmanship

  Incorrect method of installation for your wood composite decking may result in issues such as warping of the wood due to expansion and contraction of wood under direct heat and light. Composite decking which is largely made of polymer or plastic materials can expand and contract in sizes due to direct heat. For decking boards which has relatively lower dimensional stability, the expansion and contraction will be more irregular. Thus, without correct and proper installation, warping of composite decking may cause potential hazard to safety such as fall or trip.

  Hence home owners should look out for flooring contractors with experienced and well-trained installers to do the composite decking. Better still, a flooring contractor that is able to provide a warranty on the installation of the composite deck.

Maintenance Free

  Composite decking products are often marketed as a maintenance free product. However, it is not maintenance free but good quality ones should be low in maintenance; hence, it still requires regular cleaning. Take note that mold and mildew may be formed and build up in the small gaps. Hence, you need to wwash it every now and then.

  Wood composite decking may also be scratched on the surface and it could not be sanded and varnished like wood. However, home owners can replace the scratched board with a new board; and over time the color of the new board may fade to the color of the existing decking boards so that the color tones of the decking may not look obviously different.

   To end, it's important for the home owners to look for specifications, quality of the product as well as the credibility of the flooring contractor beyond the Eco friendly and maintenance free marketing messages. Therefore, it will ensures confidence for the home owners that they have a decking that is able to last.

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