Is The WPC Floor Environmentally Friendly

- Apr 25, 2018 -

WPC is a very good floor. It has a solid wood floor and a fortified floor. As long as the composite floor that meets the relevant national standards should be environmentally friendly, we will see how to choose the composite floor.

One look: it is mainly to observe whether the surface gloss of the composite wood floor is uniform, whether the pattern is well proportioned, whether there is white spot or stain, whether the interface is undamaged, whether there is a small crack in the sawtooth, whether there is a detailed instruction in Chinese and English at the same time, whether the formal inspection report of the professional organization is available, whether the content of the report is reported or not. Have done the modification.

Two touch: carefully touch the surface of the wooden floor with your hands, whether there is a sense of uneven. Except hand scratching floor.

Three smell: whether it can smell obvious pungent smell.

Four test: although consumers have no equipment, they can still identify composite wood floors by simple testing methods. In order to test the wear resistance of the composite wood floor, it can be grind 10 or 20 times with 108 sand paper. If the pattern is damaged, it belongs to the unqualified floor without wear resistant layer. If it is worn 20 to 40 times, the pattern appears obviously damaged, it belongs to the inferior wear-resistant floor floor.

It is recommended that you buy large brands of composite floor quality guaranteed.

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