Lack Of Timber Resources The Price Of The Floor Is Affected

- May 30, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the accelerating pace of urbanization, the wood products industry has developed rapidly. However, in the face of domestic timber production cuts and timber exporting countries restrictions on cutting and other reasons, causing the shortage of domestic timber market supply problems, leading directly to the price of wood flooring all the way up.

At present, the distribution of global forest resources is very uneven. The total forest area in the world is more than 3 billion hectares, accounting for 27% of the total global area. Among them, Russia, the United States, Canada, and Brazil account for more than half of the forest area. Myanmar began to ban the export of logs three years ago. Last year it issued the “Forbidden Cutting Order” and “Limiting Cutting Order”. The increase in the crackdown on “illegal logging” at the beginning of this year has blocked many timber smuggling, and now it will stop timber again. In addition to the exports of wood products, Myanmar this year announced in the Forestry Industry Association that for the preservation of the forest ecological environment, Myanmar will stop the export of timber and wood products.

In recent years, various countries in the world with abundant forestry resources, such as Gabon and Russia, have introduced policies to prohibit or limit the export of logs. Even the Gambia has stepped up its restrictions on log exports. In order to develop the local economy, material-producing countries have also continuously raised higher export requirements and raised the price of timber production.

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