Maintenance Of Wood - Plastic Flooring

- May 26, 2017 -

Wood products easy to install, environmental protection at the same time, also need to carry out maintenance of different products. In each case, each product type has a different maintenance method. Wood and plastic floor maintenance methods and solid wood flooring maintenance methods are a certain difference. Then Anhui wood flooring manufacturers mangrove Xiaobian to your simple analysis:

Wooden plastic floor maintenance: wood plastic floor is generally a fire board surface, the main advantage in the room is the high water resistance, scalability is relatively low, in a special occasion has a great advantage. So that the maintenance of the indoor floor is generally clear for the surface stains. Generally have grease, dust and so on. Can be washed with detergent and water spray to the floor, for cleaning. Its water-resistant properties means that part of the water to the floor is not a problem.

Wooden flooring

Wooden plastic floor maintenance: wood plastic bathroom floor is generally 300x300 assembled floor, a very good anti-skid, decoration, waterproof and other effects. But for the hair and other garbage easier to stay, so in a clear time can each piece of small floor in turn, with wire hook. And then rinse with water. Simple and easy to clean.

Wood plastic floor maintenance: wood plastic outdoor flooring is divided into PVC wood plastic outdoor flooring and PE wood plastic outdoor flooring.

PVC wood flooring by the surface crust to protect, so the effect is better, but easy to damage. So PVC wood plastic outdoor floor maintenance is mainly washed with water. Some dirt is difficult to clear, for example, a large number of oil need to use detergent mixed with a wipe to remove the surface stains. And PE wood plastic outdoor flooring outdoor weathering to be higher, and non-foam products, high hardness. In the case of outdoor applications dirty with water cleaning is the easiest way, if the case of serious dirt can be used sandpaper polished. Relatively speaking, the treatment can be very rough and simple.

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