Related Information And Application Of Composite Wood Plastic

- Apr 15, 2018 -

Composite wood plastic, also known as plastic wood, combines the advantages of two or more kinds of materials, effectively replacing the traditional wood deformation and so on.

A wide range of application areas, so specific to the characteristics of wood products have?

Wood plastic composite has been widely applied in the civil field, mainly including outdoor products, building materials, municipal facilities, packaging materials, household products.

Daily sundry goods, auto parts etc.. Secondly, there are not many applications of wood plastic composites in military field, because wood plastic composites are lightweight, rigid, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof and insect resistant.

Its application in the military field has great potential for development. The research and development in this field at home and abroad is also actively developing.

As a good substitute for primary wood, it is believed that the application will be more extensive in the future.


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