Strong Demand For Wood Processing Industry

- May 30, 2018 -

Due to the advantages of ecological environmental protection, renewable resources and other advantages, wood engineering occupies a very important position in the national economy.

China's wood products industry has formed an independent industrial system from the initial processing of logs to various sawn timbers, to the improvement of various industrial chains such as wood-based panels and glued wood.

In general, the wood industry is divided into upstream industries and downstream industries. The upstream industry provides raw materials and processing equipment for the wood processing industry, which is the root cause for the development of the wood industry.

Such as forest conservation industry, adhesives industry. The downstream industry is a demand side of the wood processing industry and has a direct impact on the wood processing industry, including the construction and decoration industry, wooden furniture manufacturing, cultural and educational office supplies and musical instrument manufacturing. The high growth of downstream industry market demand can directly affect the sales of wood processing industry.

Real estate promotes timber sales

Stimulate the development of wood processing industry

With the increase in real estate new construction area, the wood processing industry brought by real estate involves housing renovation, housing floors, sofas, tables and chairs, wooden furniture accounts for a large proportion of these goods, which in turn stimulates the development of the wood processing industry. China's economic growth plays a vital role in promoting. At present, the annual sales of wood processing industry continue to increase.

Increased consumer demand

Increased wood market consumption

Wooden furniture manufacturing is one of the major downstream industries in the wood processing industry. It has a certain amount of demand for a variety of wood, wood-based panels, veneer, fiberboard and other products. The development of the wooden furniture industry directly affects the development of the processing industry. In recent years, the process of urbanization has accelerated, and consumer demand for household products has continued to increase, and consumer spending potential has continued to be excavated and improved.

Huge demand in the international market

Wood products export ranks in the forefront of the world

China's wood products are deeply loved by domestic and foreign companies because of their low prices and superior quality. As of the end of last year, the export delivery value of China's wooden furniture has continuously increased, with a year-on-year growth rate of 7.06%. Faced with huge demand from all over the world, the downstream processing market is encouraged to keep up with the technology and increase the output of finished products.

Nowadays, the concept of “whole wood” has been continuously improved, and the demand for individualized demands has been continuously increasing, which undoubtedly gave birth to another major development trend in the timber downstream industry market.

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