The Advantages And Installation Of Balcony Decoration And Selection Of WPC Decking

- Apr 04, 2018 -


The most widely application of WPC decking is the outdoor, because it is anti-water and anti-corrosion. Now with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people  are willing to select the environmental friendly products, and WPC belongs to Eco-friendly material.

1.The WPC decking has the characteristics of both wood and plastic, so it is not only waterproof, but also moisture-proof. In this way, it is also possible to solve the problem of decay of traditional wooden products after they encounter water.

2.The WPC decking is colorful , it has the texture and grain of natural wood, and we can also customize the color according to your preferences.

3.Because of the strong plasticity, WPC products can be made into customers’ favorite style when being used.

4.It is also Eco-friendly. WPC decking is a kind of pollution-free and nuisanceless decking. It does not contain benzene, and the content of formaldehyde is only 0.2. WPC decking is the top environmental protection standard in Europe. We can also save the amount of wood used in the manufacturing process

5.Its fire performance is also relatively good. The fire rating is B1. In other words, it is automatically extinguished after encountering fire. And it will not produce harmful gases.

6.If you want to use WPC decking, then you definitely need to install it. The installation of WPC is relatively simple and there are no special complicated construction processes. This also helps us save installation time and costs

7.After successful installation, there is no need for special repairs and maintenance. At the same time, cleaning is also convenient.


1.Before the construction of WPC, ensure that the concrete ground of the construction site is leveled before construction.

2.The distance of the joist is controlled between 310-410mm, and the butt joint at the end of the joist should be about 10mm, which is convenient for drainage. At the same time, the joint between the keel row and the end of the joist should be staggered, not in a straight line.

3.When construction conditions of the ground are poor, and the structure of the subject cannot be stabilized, the WPC joist  must be replaced by a steel keel.

4.The size of the decking splicing gap should be reasonably determined according to the temperature, humidity, decking length and moisture content, and square meter.

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