The Advantages Of The WPC Floor

- Apr 25, 2018 -

1. Safety and environmental protection

All kinds of main and auxiliary materials used in plastic wood lock flooring are non-toxic and environmentally-friendly materials. Formaldehyde content is compared with solid wood and wood composite flooring and reinforced composite floor, it is called "zero formaldehyde floor".

2. Resistance to wear resistance

Compared with the commonly used solid wood flooring and wooden composite flooring and reinforced composite flooring, the plastic wood lock flooring has super abrasion resistance and fire resistance.

3, weatherability and corrosion resistance

Plastic wood lock floor has excellent mechanical properties, its durability is much higher than solid wood and wood composite floor and reinforced composite floor; it is not easy to be deformed and durable. They are not afraid of worms and are not afraid of corrosion of various corrosive substances. They are safe to use in harsh outdoor environments.

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