The Development Trend Of Plastic-wood Composite Materials

- May 08, 2018 -

With the declining natural wood resources, the market demand for wood products is increasing day by day. The huge market demand and technological breakthrough will inevitably continue to widen the market for plastic and wood materials. From the perspective of market demand, plastic wood is most likely to start large-scale expansion in areas such as construction materials, outdoor facilities, logistics and transportation, transportation facilities, and household products.

With the industrialization of plastic-wood composite products, applied researchers have discovered the defects of plastic-wood composite products, and the users have also put forward higher requirements for them: Anti-aging, anti-decoloration and improvement of outdoor products such as garden landscapes. Service life; Good flame-retardant properties for interior doors, windows, and decorative parts; High mechanical properties for building-based parts carrying plastic-wood products, which need to be reinforced and improved creep resistance. With the increase of energy-saving voices, the construction industry has also put forward higher requirements for the energy-saving effect of plastic-wood composite products. Therefore, plastic-wood composite products are developing in the direction of functionalization and high added value: flame-retardant, reinforced, anti-aging, creep-resisting, and heat-insulating. In addition, the selection of plastic-wood composite materials is also moving towards diversification and variety, including raw wood flour and plastics.

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