The Difference Between Wood Plastic Panel And PVC Board

- Aug 18, 2018 -


Wood-plastic door: green environmental protection, integral shape is not easy to deformation, antibacterial and mildew-proof, UV surface treatment, good gloss, anti-ultraviolet can not change color; PVC door: low price, paint-free; Steel-wood door: low price, good impact resistance, can be used as anti-theft door; solid wood door: natural wood grain, high-grade elegant; solid wood composite door: natural wood grain, than the sky However, the price of solid wood is slightly lower; Paint-free door: low price, can be used for the decoration of the door often needed, such as small hotels, restaurants, low-grade entertainment places.


Wood-plastic doors: wood-plastic materials used for decoration industry ordinary consumer awareness is slightly lower, the style is simple, developed cities accept higher, the mainland city slightly lower; PVC doors: PVC plastic easy aging, discoloration, glue peeling off more serious environmental protection; Steel-wood doors: door cover for multi-layer board, and the surface treatment of the film is too easy to fall off, door construction Solid wood doors: natural wood is easy to be affected by climate, finger joints are easy to crack, and the price is high; Solid wood composite doors: natural wood is easy to be affected by climate, excessive use of glue; Paint-free doors: most of the use of recycled materials, not environmentally friendly, modelling is too rigid, patterns unclear. Clarity is basically a knockout product.

Now the market is more popular wooden door, solid wood composite door and paint door, choose what kind of door, but also depend on their actual needs to decide.

Wood plastic board is mainly composed of waste corner wood powder, broken wood and slag wood. It has good stiffness and toughness, can nail, drill, grind, saw, planer, paint, and is not easy to deformation, crack prevention. It is the first choice of green environmental protection board for furniture, interior decoration, packaging, car and ship interior decoration and future wood housing construction industry. It will set off a new revolution in the sheet market.

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