The Importance Of Wood Plastic Composite Material Applied In Park

- Nov 15, 2017 -

  There are many kinds of road planks in some parks and most of them are made of wood, but moth-eaten and decay always happen to the new installed wood plank after a few years because the wood is a perishable material, and after being exposed to the long-term sun and rain, they are damaged easier. Besides, most boardwalks bear the heavier moisture with half immersed in water and another out the water, which lead to shorter service life and then comprehensive and complicated maintenance is necessary.

  However, the WPC material possesses the performance and characteristics of both wood and plastic material, which is a new composite material to replace the wood and plastic one. Even exposed to the weather, it will be not rot, chipping or cracking, in addition, WPC material also has the ability of anti-UV, which make daily management of plank easier and the service life is longer just with attention to daily cleaning.


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