The Installation Of WPC Decking

- Nov 14, 2017 -

The notice of construction of WPC decking:

  1. WPC decking can be cut, sawed, drilled by common mcarpentry tool.

  2. Fixing the leveled WPC joist on the floor with the expansion screw, and the distance between two screws should be 500mm-600mm, and screw cap should be below the joist surface.

  3. Using tapping stainless steel screws to fix between decking.

  4. When fixing deckings, drill a hole first, and the diameter of the hole should be less than 3/4 that of screw.

  5. When install outdoor decking, use a piece of screw between the decking and each joist.

  6. The transfer point between decking and joist should be plastic bukle to connect decking and joist.

Key point of the installation of WPC decking:

 WPC decking has the characteristics of a slight thermal expansion and cold constraction, and taking the cleaning into consideration, when installing decking, the proper gap is necessary between edges and edges, between end and end. The reserved gap is closely related with the climate and temperature.


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