The Main Characteristics Of Wood - Plastic Composites

- May 26, 2017 -

The main features of wood-plastic composites are as follows:

1, social economy is good, sustainable development, especially for China's "forest protection" national policy;

2, durable, long life, similar to the appearance of wood, plastic hardness than high;

3, with excellent physical properties, better than the wood size stability, will not produce cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, adding colorants, film or composite surface can be made into a variety of colorful products;

4, with thermoplastic processing, easy to shape, with the general plastic processing equipment or a little modification can be molded after processing. Processing equipment, new investment funds less convenient to promote the use of;

5, similar to the secondary processing of wood, can be cut, bonded, with a nail or bolted connection fixed;

6, conducive to decoration, decoration, can be painted landscaping, product specifications shape can be adjusted according to user requirements, flexibility;

7, not afraid of moth, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, water absorption is small, will not moisture deformation;

8, can be reused and recycling, biodegradable, to protect the environment;

9, conducive to environmental protection, available waste wood chips, crop fiber and waste plastics for materials;

10, resource-rich, low cost, low cost of use.

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