The New Type WPC Cabin Application, More Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

- Mar 12, 2018 -

  WPC material by extrusion forming into various pfofiles, can be sent to the groove as a plug column, also can be made into solid or hollow plank as wall panel, so building with WPC material plugged and assembled type simple or temporary housing can make full use of its specialty. It can be built as temporary housing for earthquake relief, kiosk, post boxes, temporary workshops, moble toilets, dressing rooms or utility rooms for beach swimming, as well as military field activities. The WPC house often adopt to insert the assembled structure, which can be repeatedly disassembled, so some call it the activity room, and it also can be built to some fixed room according to the need, such as the kiosk, the box and so on. Its construction works have been done in the factory for the most part, and installation is very simple without high technique. A simple WPC houses, some less than a day can be built so they are especially suitable for emergency situations, such as war, disaster relief and etc.

  WPC house compared with wooden one, in addition to easy and fast construction and repeately disassembling, it is convenient to layout lines, not afraid of termites decay and mice bite without painting, and it is also environmental protection, anti-water, anti-moisture with timber saving and good performance and etc. Compared with light steel structure, it has the advantages of thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, rust resistance and convenient wiring.

  At present, there is an environmental protection WPC house, including a wall body and a roof provided on the top of the wall body. The front surface of the wall body is provided with an aluminum alloy door frame, and the wall body is formed by stacking the wall plates are jointed together through the focal slot. The roof includes front and rear triangular walls. The triangular wall includes two oblique sides arranged at an obtuse angle. The intersection of the two oblique sides and a vertical upright column are arranged blow the middle. Between the upright and the oblique side, a triangular wall board iron and teh wall plate of the wall. The oblique edges of the two triangular walls are overlapped and juxtaposed. The oblique edge and the trip are  spliced through the slot and fixed by the angle iron. However, this structure does not have an integrated skeleton to support the wall and the roof with hard assembly.

  In order to solve the problems existing in the actual application of WPC profiles, a modular environmental protection WPC house has now been invented with the characteristics of good quality, beautiful appearance, energy saving and environmental protection. It can guarantee a good use quality, beautiful appearance, fast installation, which replace the natural wood and protect the superior performance of the natural environment to solve the exsisting technology problem.(no good combination and single product)

  The combined environment-friendly WPC house includes a monolithic skeleton, a WPC wall profile of the integral skeleton can be prefabricated, and wall profiles and roof profiles are WPC planks. The on-site construction is very convenient,and the entire installation process is quick and easy. WPC board has the characteristics of weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance, insect resistance, free paint and maintenance properties, so that the combined environment-friendly WPC log house has superior performance such as energy conservation and environmental protection, which has broad application prospect insted of natural wood house.


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