The Rapid Development of WPC Integrated House

- Oct 30, 2017 -

  Compared with the traditional construction building, WPC has obvious advantages of earthquake resistance, durability, fire prevention, moisture proof, green environmental protection, energy saving and so on. From the international situation, in Eurpe, Southeast Asia and other develpoed countries, WPC construction building is more popular because of low carbon environmental protection.

  In addition to the application in the temporary houses in building site, this material is also used in commercial office, shops, laboratories; in schools, kindergartens, nursing homes, hospital; tourism villas, hotels, motels,  restaurants; residential traditional construction indusrty and etc.

  In recent years, our country has made great progress in teh development of WPC house buildings, and they have been realted to the livelihood of events. As the enterprise, WPC products should not only consider their own income but also focus on th eoverall situation, and strive to build a true healthy, environmentally friendly neww materials WPC integarted house. The main material of WPC integarted house such as wall panel, decking, beam, roof and other components can be industrialized and standardized production and then assembled on site. The wall material is used the design of modular system and dual socket, so it can be installed conveniently, and this can reduce the process of construction, the labor cost and material consumption. Without large construction machine mechanical, and fully dry operation, the whole construction process is less restricted by natural condition in line with the green construction concept.

  The material possesses the advantages of lightweight, waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation, anti-deformation, flame retardant, seismic and so on. WPC wall material system has good quality of heat preservation, thermal insulation, so clients can choose different specifications of the thickness of wallboard accoriding to the different regions and climates. WPC integrated hose constructios with flexible design, do not have to adhere to many traditional restrictions and its appearance has a strong artistic appreciation. WPC products have strong sense of wood surface, they can deploy a variety of color, can tranfer, paint, leather and etc., and they also can be designed according to the requirements of building appearance,colors and specifications. WPCA integrated house will be a better choice of the pursuit of high quality life in the future.



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