The Wood Plastic Composite Material Creates A New Fashion Of Balcony

- Nov 17, 2017 -

 The balcony is the only access to contact with between the home and the outside world, but only when depend on the carefully design can we make our home blend in nature, and introduce the outdoor scenery into the house. A pastoral natural scenery has captured the modern people's heart, such as the decoration and furniture. For instance, the balcony of villa with the wood plastic composite decking or DIY tile to replace the preservative treated timber or glazed tile will give you a natural feeling of pastoralism.


The use of wood plastic composite decking has begun to spread in the villa,and because the balcony is similar to outdoor environment, it may be exposed to the sun or be more humid, and at this situation, the advantage of WPC material will be more obvious. The balcony paved with WPC decking can easily create a warm home atmosphere with a different aesthetic feeling.


 Wood plastic composite material has the characteristics of anti-moth,anti chemical erosion and low water absorption of 1/1000. When paving the decking in a balcony, the space between decking and ground, the gap between board and board are necessary, so as to maintain good ventilation


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