The Wood Plastic Floor Has Superior Environmental Protection Performance And Leaps Into The Mainstream Of The Industry

- Feb 19, 2018 -

                                         Superior performance of wood plastic floor

         Is the so-called wood flooring in the industry Tastes differ all tastes., can get the mainstream, enterprises and consumers, and its superior performance is inseparable relationship. First, wood flooring has good strength, high hardness, wear resistance, skid proof, moth, corrosion resistance, physical properties, such as excellent flame retardant insulation aging; second, there is not only the appearance of natural wood and wood texture, and better stability than wood; third, wood flooring has a saw and the plane, bonded wood two processing; a fourth, and most importantly, wood flooring not only not release harmful substances caused by air pollution, but also a hundred percent recycling, environmental performance is very superior.

                                                             Wood plastic floor benefit is remarkable

Apart from the characteristics of superior performance, wood flooring and significant social benefits. First of all, wood flooring itself does not contain the chemical dangerous, but will not release harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene and so on, so that consumers can feel at ease to use; secondly, wood floor is composed of wood plastic composite materials, green low carbon, 100% can be recycled, but also degraded, has important significance for environmental protection; finally, wood is the main raw material of wood plastic composite materials, can replace steel, wood and bamboo, produced in the environmental conditions of the environmental and social benefits are huge.

        In general, in the flooring industry where formaldehyde is frequent, it is not surprising that wood flooring, which has excellent physical, appearance, processing and environmental performance, and has huge environmental benefits and social benefits, can become the mainstream of the industry. Because it is in line with the needs of the current government, industry and consumers, it is the product of the times.

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