What Determines The Price Of WPC Decking

- Jul 06, 2018 -

All kinds of import and export trade, real estate, scenic area development, result in less and less area of the original forest, and when people realize the severe environmental problems, a variety of environmental protection materials have come out. Among them, the WPC material has won the sole favor of the majority of consumers. Not only the WPC has the texture of the solid wood, but also the performance is much better than the same decorative material. The most important is to solve a big problem of environmental protection in the filed of building decoration---formaldehyde exceeding the standard. WPC decking doesn’t need to brush and paint with low maintenance and low labor cost, so it can achieve the standard of zero formaldehyde. Therefore, the quality of WPC products on the market is different and the prices are also uneven. So how should consumers choose the WPC decking? What factors determine the price of WPC decking?

1.Factory Strength

Factory strength is a very important factor that affects the price of WPC decking. First of all, if a strong factory needs a long-term business dealing and get high recognition from customers, its products will certainly not be too bad, and WPC decking must be made of new materials. So the cost of the input is higher, and the price WPC decking is also higher. On the contrary, too low-priced products are basically made of recycled crumbs and the quality is noticed.  Therefore, the strength of manufacturers is also an important factor that affects the price of WPC decking.

2. The Material

If consumers want to know the quality of the WPC decking, let manufacturers send some samples. When you get the samples, firstly, look at the appearance of the WPC decking, and the appearance of a good product must be very delicate, and the wooden feeling of surface must also be very strong, and the cut lines are also more regular, more smooth. While the bad one is on the contrary--- the cut line is uneven, and there will be a lot of small particles, and It will be cracking after a short term use.

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