What Is The Use Of Wood-plastic Composite Materials

- May 26, 2017 -

The use of wood-plastic composite materials more and more widely, which is the characteristics of wood-plastic materials and our continuous research and development process is inextricably linked, then in the current customer-oriented areas of consumption, customers for wood What are the requirements and uses of plastic materials?

The use of wood-plastic composite materials is very broad, suitable for building products, such as flooring, wall panels, architectural templates, doors and windows profiles, rails, blinds and roof panels; automotive industry, such as interior trim panels, drivers with debris Box, spare tire cover, seat deck, roof lining, etc .; packaging and transportation industry, furniture industry, landscape, interior decoration, office equipment and sports equipment, and many other areas.

The use of wood-plastic composite materials can be linked to its advantages, wood-plastic composite materials set the advantages of wood and plastic in one, not only as natural wood as the appearance, but also to overcome its shortcomings, with anti-corrosion, moisture, insect moth, size High stability, no cracking, no warping, etc., than the pure plastic hardness, and similar to the processing of wood, can be cut, bonding, with nails or bolts fixed connection, can be painted. It is by virtue of the cost and performance of the dual advantages, in recent years, wood-plastic composite materials continue to expand the application areas, into the new market, more and more to replace other traditional materials.

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