What's The Best Thing About Plastic Dustbin?

- Nov 24, 2018 -

The plastic garbage can, which is called "one treasure of environmental protection", has its own merits. Whether it is its real use value or practical value, or its quality and price are outstanding. The plastic garbage can is not the rudder of the wind, but the rain. It is the plastic garbage can that is indeed the case. Quite a lot of ability, for every family in life plastic trash can is unknown and selfless dedication, it will appear in front of us when it is most needed at home. For plastic trash can, we have consciously accepted it as a necessity in life is a part of the family. When the overall change of plastic trash can realize its own value and surpass itself, it will show momentum of development. The vast market and unlimited development potential have brought an invisible force to life and environmental protection. After several years of transformation, according to incomplete statistics, plastic trash cans have occupied half of the world's environmental protection ranks, which are not only family-style plastic trash cans, but also plastic trash cans used in living streets or public places. As a garbage can product, plastic garbage can will continue to flourish in these stages of rapid development and outstanding practical value. Many families can say that they have an average trash can. When designing trash cans, trash cans manufacturers also consider the plastic trash cans used in streets and public places. In this way, the use of more and better results will be affirmed by many people, the value of plastic trash cans will naturally become a clean magic weapon.

A City Council in Australia pushes color trash cans, but people don't buy them: [1]

Melbourne's Manningham City Council says the city's public garbage cans are out of repair.

Coloured trash can launched by Manningham City Council, Australia

Coloured trash can launched by Manningham City Council, Australia

It has been used for 17 years, so it is decided to replace the old trash can. New trash cans come in all sizes, with bright colored lids. Among them, the garbage bin with red lid is used for ordinary garbage, the garbage bin with yellow lid is used for recyclable garbage, and the garbage bin with green lid is used for kitchen waste. They will replace the original dark green trash can.

But a lawmaker said the new color bins would make the streets look like "paint factories" because the color-capped bins look more like a paint bins. Local residents say they don't "buy it." Many people say they don't want such trash cans to appear in front of their doors or on the streets, because they really look like paint cans. If they are put on the streets, they are like "a chaotic paint factory after a hurricane".

Citizen Geoff Gough said: "The color of the old trash can is very natural and can be easily integrated into our street environment. That's why Manningham chose them." Leigh Harrison, the head of parliament, said the tricolor system was common in Australia and was widely used in Virginia. Coloured garbage cans were conducive to raising environmental awareness. And the new tricolor bins will reduce residents'spending by 65 yuan per year compared with the old ones of the same size. But residents who choose large bins will spend more. [1]

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