What Should Be Paid Attention To The Installation Of Wood Plastic Floor

- Feb 18, 2018 -

First, the WPC before installation

1, from a professional point of installation of floor, before starting the installation work, we must maintain a good state of wood floor dry, smooth, clean, so as to better ensure the subsequent installation work smoothly.

2, ready to install tools drills, ordinary woodworking tools, gloves, stainless steel screws, wherein the drill is installed the WPC tool. The WPC brittle in the fixed floor and keel, must use a drill hole, then loaded the screws, avoid damage to wood floor.

Second. The installation process of the indoor floor

1, wood keel fixed: wood keel uniform arrangement of the tile on the cement floor, every piece of long distance is 30cm. Drill holes on the keel with electric drill. The diameter of the leading hole can't be less than the diameter of the screw, then screw the screw into the drilling hole, and fix the keel on the cement floor. The nail head should be all screwed into the keel and do not expose it, otherwise, the floor layout will be uneven.

2, the first floor of each block is fixed: wood floor on both sides of the groove are yin and yang. In the first block paving the floor, can be the first floor outside the Yang groove or rubbed with carpenter tools cut off points, then the surface of the floor with the drill hole, open screw nail, which is fixed on the keel.

3, fixed second floors: second pieces of wood floor of the tank Yang Yin groove position of the first floor stuck, then guide hole in Shenyang groove side surface drill second floors, screwed into the screw fixed on the keel, screw spacing during installation by the construction personnel to control, not too dense on the line, firmly guarantee. But behind the wood floor installation is as before, do not need to do more to explain.

Precautions for floor installation

1, wood can be used woodworking machinery common cutting, sawing, drilling, tenon.

2, the expansion tube wood keel fixed on the floor, the expansion pipe spacing 500mm-600mm, screw cap below the wooden keel surface, wooden keel fixed need to do the whole flat.

You can use self tapping screws, wood plastic fastening between 3 and outdoor wood, recommend the use of stainless steel self tapping screws; wood and steel to use self drilling tapping screws.

4, the use of self tapping screws between wood plastic and wood plastic should lead the hole first, that is, pre drilling. The diameter of the pre borehole should be less than 3/4 of the diameter of the screw.

5. When the outdoor floor is installed, a screw should be used between the wood plastic profiles and each keel.

6, the joint of the wood plastic floor and the keel all use plastic buckle to connect the wood plastic floor to the keel.

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