Wood Floor And Anti-corrosion Floor What Are The Main Differences

- Mar 29, 2018 -

The difference between a wood floor, specification and anticorrosion of the floor

The WPC has solid and hollow points, hollow plastic wood floor can save a lot of material, there are more advantages in price. However, no matter whether the floor is hollow, the performance will not be affected, and the anticorrosion floor can not be hollow.

The difference between the two surface treatment, plastic wood floor and anti-corrosion floor

Wood flooring in the production process has surface treatment before, so there is no need to do is paint processing. And most of the anticorrosion floor needs to be painted on its surface after the installation of the floor.

Install the loss difference of three, wood floor and anti-corrosion floor

In the construction of the same area, the loss of anti-corrosion floor than wood floor. Because the wood floor can be cut according to the actual size of the concrete construction environment; and the anticorrosive floor size is already specified dead, not flexible cutting.

The difference between the four, maintenance and anticorrosive floor of wood floor

The WPC basically can be said to be zero maintenance, if not careful in the process of using the floor will wear a piece, it will not affect the lining material. But in 1 years, the anticorrosion floor needs maintenance or painting and other maintenance work.

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