Wood Plastic Composite(WPC) Materials Give Outdoor Building Materials A New Concept

- Jan 23, 2018 -

 Modern people have grown tired of staying in the reinnforced concrete building for a long time, and hope to spend more spare time relaxing in natural environment, and their own garden and beautified housing estate also have entered people's sight and life. People are longing for environment which are in harmony with natural world and artificial facilities, therefore the technological development of new building materials getting more and more popular, and WPC construction material, as the representive of new generation of outdoor building, has its unique natural flavor and modern sense.


 In people's impression, outdoor building materials are to set off the scenery of the garden, or just to fit themselves in the scenery. WPC material, a new concept of outdoor building materials, make outdoor scenery more full of natural and modern sense. For example, the garden courtyard closely contacting with the natural ecology is delightful with its strewn at random, dense and orderly architectural appearance and changaeble materials showing different textures.

 As outdoor building materials, requirement is high to withstand complex and changeable weather and strong different temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to have strong stability and weather ability.


 First of all, WPC plate is not afraid of outdoor rian and snow erosion and strong tempreture changes, and in strict environment it will not fade and deform. Secondly, with long life span, it is applied in outdoors because of extremly strong corrosion resistance, anti-insect, anti-bacteria in damp and rainy environment; Once again, WPC material has greatly strong compressive properties, so it is proper to use in outdoor; Moreover, WPC material has the advanced enviromental protection performace integrated in nature, and it is very convenient to recycle.

 Outdoor building decoration materials generally refer to treating the needed materials of the adornment of metope, ceiling and garden after completing the main structure project.Besides meeting the use of certain function, the environmental protection and the novelty are the basic requirements. Building decoration material is a new material integrating process, modeling, design, color and aesthetics.

 The development potential of building material is huge.

 The development speed, the varity, the quality, the style and the level of completed set determine the class of building decoration, which is of importance beautifying the urban and rural constrction and improving people's living environment.


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