WPC Decking Or WPC Material Landscape

- Nov 16, 2017 -

  The insiders generally believe that the wood plastic composite (WPC) material is a new type of building materials, in line with the pursuit of sustainable development and the purpose of promoting green low-carbon and environmental protection. WPC material possesses the characteristics of anti-water and anti-corrosion of plastic one and the wooden texture of wood one, which can be applied in landscaping, unterior or exterior walls, floor, fence,garden pavilion and other places. Service life of WPC materials is several times than that of the ordinary wood, and color can be adjusted according to the formula.

  Compared with the traditional plate, the biggest advantage of the WPC plate is: saving the wood to protect the ecological environment, without painting to avoid environmental pollution, recyclable to prevent the second pollution. A vice presisdent of a company said that the water absorption of WPC decking is lower than that of wood, and they can not only resist acid rain and seawater corrosion, but also prevent insects, rat bite, so the service life of WPC is 3 times to 10 time than that of ordianry wood.

  Another major feature of the WPC material is fully recyclable, sustainable use. For instance, after EXPO, WPC products in the park were ported to other areas to reuse. With the increasingly tense of domestic forest resources and increasing price of the world timber, all the advantages of WPC material began to get strong surpport from the relevant of the state.


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