WPC Fence, A Beatiful Scenery Line In The City

- Jan 16, 2018 -

  Wood plastic composite (WPC) fence has characteristics of natural wood texture, color, lusture and feel,and macro molecule material faetures of anti water, fire prevention, anti moth, insect resistace ,termite resistace, UV resistace, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistace and no poison, no lacquer and no molding. WPC guardrail products have properties of extremely strong toughness, no formation, no cracking, sound insulation, thermal insulation, heat prevention and etc.. It is simple and convenient to process, easy to install and maintain. The WPC guardrail is an ideal material with bright color and low maintenance for indoor and outdoor products such as home decoration and garden facilities.


  Particularly, the WPC material has the advantages of no painting and low maintenance, so WPC gaurdrail becomes another important area in the application of wood plastic composite material. Especially in North America, WPC fence and floor supporting construction of the terrace is one of the main uses. In addition, WPC guardrail is also used in tourist areas, parks and residental area as barriers or enclosures.


Patio guardrail

  In North America, patio guardrail is widely used because of good performance and long life span.


  With the improvement of the mechanical properties and construction design of WPC materials, the application of WPC guardrail on the bridge is also becoming more and more extensive. When WPC materials are applied in roads and bridges, clean spacious streets and bright beautiful guardrails enlighten each other, which build a beautiful landscape to add luster to city and let high-grade city construction go up a new step.


Security fence

  Making use of the characteristics of green environmental protection, anti water and anti corrosion of WPC material for public facilities design, the WPC security fence overcome the peroblem of corrosion and crack of outdoor public facilities, and it is more durable, solider in face of exposure to the weather. What's more, according to the whether to keep out in the line of sight, WPC fence can be made into closed, half open and full open style; according to its use function, it can be classified into barrier fence and ornamental one.

  The main function of WPC fence used in urban landscape is safety and aesthtics, and the function of blocking sapce concluded. Because of application in outside, it needs to be exposed to the weather for a long time. Therefore, the material of the fence should have the properties of anti aging, easy repair and so on, and all these performances are fully equipped to WPC fence. In addition, WPC fence not only reflects the urban culture and enhances the city image but also give people the sense of the combination of nature and modernization, which is the best choice of urban landscape material. At the same time, WPC materials bring a green design concept of environmental protection to everyone to cherish and pay more attention to the earth.

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