WPC Flooring

- Jan 30, 2018 -

 WPC flooring has superior corrosion resistance, while still having the characteristics of wood, corrosion prevention is much better than regular corrosive wood.


WPC flooring does not contain heavy metal material, no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, also not like preservative wood which was added with harmful medicine to human. WPC flooring has no any hazards to human. Raw materials are from hundred of microns forming, so do not worry about burrs and surface cracking.

 Termite resistance:

 In the termite testing, WPC flooring has minimal amount of decay. WPC flooring is wrapped by resin around the structure, so termites can't eat it.

 Easy maintenanceļ¼š

 Because of its excellent characteristics, the lesion( cigarette marks, scratches, etc.) can be simply repaired, you can simply wipe the stain. Compared with preservative wood, WPC flloring is economical and convenient.


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