WPC Material Are Popular In Architecture

- Dec 21, 2017 -

  At present, wood plastic composite (WPC) has occupied a large market share in the building raw material market place. Despite the continued growth of the economy, there is still a greater reliance on plastic products made from fossil fuels. However, in the  consideration of the cost of industrial production, the affordability of consumers and the need for environmental protection, the demand for WPC products has been increasing in human's life. Wood plstic composite product has been widely used throughout the world and its usage is growing geometrically every year.In Europe, WPC product occupies more than 11 percent of the composite materials ones, and in the exterior decoration of buildings and automobile parts, WPC product occupies the majority market share. In other industrial production and human social life, WPC product has also been well applied, such as building walls, households, consumer goods and other aspects,


  WPC product is usually used in the construction environment, including the interior and exterior decoration of the building. The preparation technology of WPC includes extrusion, injection film, compression molding and other processes. The main principle of improving the durability of WPC product is related to the types of wood materials, the types of polymer added and the blend ratio of wood and plastic in the preparation process of materials. Structural durability and aesthetic durability are also important for WPC products. In the construction project, the main application of WPC products in the concrete building, has many advantages, which is an environment-friendly building template material. In the form of vigorously promoting the use of wood, WPC product will be uesd more and more in the field of construction engineering.


  WPC material by extrusion forming into various profiles, can be set to the groove as a plug pillar, and also can be made into solid or hollow plank as wall panel, so the simple or temporary house assembled by WPC material can give full play to its special features. They also can be built eartquake relief temporary housing, kisk, post box, temporary working room, mobile toilet, beach swim filed , military filed activity use room and so on. The WPC house often adopts the jointing structure which not only can be dismounted repeatedly, so some call it the activity room, but also can be constructed according to the need to be relatively fixed, such as the kiosk, the watch box,etc.. Its construction work done in the factory for the most part, installation is very simple and without high technique, a simple WPC house can be built in less than a day, so especially suitable for use in emergency situations, such as war, disater relief and so on.


  Based on the comprehensive utilization of wwaste resources, waste and harm for profit, WPC materials have high economic and social benefit, which conform to the requirements of the scientific development view and suitable development, meet the requirements of construction of economical society and the development of circular economy with broad development prospect.

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