WPC Material Are Popular In The Construction Field

- Feb 03, 2018 -

  At present, WPC has occupied a large market share in the building materials market. Despite sustained eeconomic growth. There is still a large dependence on plastic products made from fossil fuels. However, considering the cost of industrial production, consumers' affordability and environmetal requirements, the demand for WPC in international production has been increasing. WPC has been widely used throughout the world, and its use has been growing exponentially year by year. In Europe, WPC occupies more than 11% of the composite materials used in the products, and in the exterior decoration of buildings and automotives parts, WPC occupies the most desired market share. IN other indusrial production and human society life, WPC has also been well applied, such as building walls, home, consumers goods and other aspects.

  The WPC is usally applied in the construction environment, including the interior decration and exterior decoration of the building, and the preparation technology of the WPC includes extrusion, injection molding, compression molding and other process of material preparation, the type of polymer added, the mixing ratio of wood and plastic. For WPC, the sructure and aesthetic durability are equally important. In the construction engineering, the main application of WPC in the concret construction template, has many advantages, is an environment-friendly building template material. For WPC raw material preparation of building teplates rigidity and toughness, density and structure optimizatio can improve processing technology and the preparation technology, explore new modified and design method of structure and get a good solution. In the form of the state's vigorous promotion of the use of wood, WPC will br used more and more in construction work.    

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